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Just wondering if people with similar personaility attributes are prone to dp/dr and anxiety?


Quite shy within, but give the impression that im quite confident - im normally quite shy with new people, especially girls that im attracted to, although when im with people I know im very outgoing and sociable.

Self concious - quite frequently I wonder what people think of me and am quite eager to be liked by everyone. I am really popular so there isnt really a need to worry but I do.......

Procrastinater - I always put things off and feel I have lost many opportunites at making me happier because I want to avoid particualr things.

A worryier - I dont worry about everyday little things, but the widerscale issues like starting a family/getting married and getting a job when im older. I tend to worry about the future and if I have what it takes to suceed. I frequently worry about worrying and have things on my mind that need to be resolved, but dont feel capable of resolving them myself.

Clever/intellectual - I have always done really well in my exams and regard myself as intelligent.

Insecure - I have a few issues in my childhood that I am quite insecure about, and these have led to some depressive syptoms in the past.

Analyitical - I have a tendancy to analyse myself and the way I interact in social situations. This leads to me becoming anxious.

I know alot of these are fairly obvious traits of anxious people, but it would be good to know what makes us tick!

Let me know what u think,

Rich x

yah i'm like that alot, althogh i've learn to loosen up a bit and be more extraverty.

i usually found some worry to obsess about, sometimes i had (have a bit still) avoidant behaviour, ocd.

I also seem to be pretty obsessive about hobbies, ex when i like an artist i go through a phase were i read everything about them on google, buy all their cds and read (re-read) all the reviews etc.

also yeah, i often find myself analysing in social situations, i always try to be seen by people i'm trying to impress with popularity, girls, drugs, etc abd try to seem really low key abotu it, even though i'm secretly directing a play. (which doesn't bring me real happiness) sometimes i'll refuse to walk across a hallway because i already crossed it too many times alone.

infact, i'm sure i just display many traits (maybe magnified) in many people and i'm over analysing. I just was realizing i use ()'s alot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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