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And I'm tired of myself.

Tired of blank pages filled with the SAME shit

I'm not even able to use the power of the mind, why can't i find a sense to what i'm experiencing? What's happening, what's happening?

I'm tired of me

Tired of what I am, what I'm not

I'm afraid

I'm tired of being afraid

I don't know what to say. Even if I was the one reading this I would get sick at writing, re-writing and reading and meditating on each of these perceptions I can't figure out alone.

Things, words, I've seen/heard in dream, sleeping, half-awake, or maybe it was when i was awake, something else entirely? What all of this means?

Thoughts on how I create my reality, on when I'm down, the daydreams, the happy moments, thoughts on living reality and dreaming reality,while out there people aren't like me, they think entirely other stuff.. But I'm easy to understand? Do someone gets what I'm saying, what I'm thinking? (I can't get myself)

What's the true me, the one living or the one plotting her life? Days of hope and peace suddenly replaced by days of desperation and panic, is it Worth it?

And no one who hears, no one ever hears
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