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I am writing because I see many people concerned on this board about never "feeling the way they did before this disorder struck".

I am here to say that there is definitely hope. I felt that way for months. I obsessed over the good ole days, and why I couldn't just enjoy life.

Well, now going on 3 weeks of DP/DR free - I can tell you that the real you always exists inside, and you get back to normality.

I read something on this board once that sticks with me. I said it over and over again when I was struggling and it helped me tremendously. It was "I have not changed. I am still ok. What has changed is my perception. Perceptions can always change, but my identity and the world that surrounds me will not. I am calm and in control"

Perceptions can always change! In my mind, that's all DP is..a perception distortion (remember, just my opinion) You can get better. I consider you all a second family, and even when I am not DP'd, I still check this board because I like to read about hope and give hope.

On a comic note - If someone like Keith Richards can survive and look in the mirror without getting freaked out, we all can.

Thanks man. That helps to hear that. I'm in the midst of a lightning storm of DP/DR right now and it's terrifying to say the least. Every thing feels like a dream. I'm afraid reality is going to slip away. I'm afraid somebody or something is just going to slip into my reality, which scares me even more. But coincidentally right before I read your thing I thought, it's not me or reality that has changed, it's my perception of it. And someday I'll get it back hopefully. It just sucks having down to travel down the road less travelled to get back to yourself.
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