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People around me don't understand

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I have been struggling with dr for few years. I actually been consistantly "gone", or in a zombie-like state for around 3 years straight.
Now, when I write it, I understand how insane that sounds but its true.
My body participated in life while my head did not. What the hell? And yes, it was a reall hell.
I tried to quit the nightmarish hell life but I am still here. Recovering.
Three years after my attamt at leaving this life behind I am almost not dissosiating.
I know you all had plenty of similar trouble.
But what I want to know if you experienced similar unability to understand from friends or family?
I myself, had a need to explain myself to people Who were close to me during the dissosiation. I wanted to explain that the person they know, all of them were new in my life, is not real me.
Long story short, it took a lot of effort to explain in the most detail how it felt but it didnt work. People didnt get me.
Some really tried. I could see.
I no longer have a need to explain myself, doing better and while around others very cautious of not bringing up or discussing my dp.
I figured it is the best for me.
Can you relate?
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Thank you for sharing. I can say that I am becoming myself again with a help of medication.
So there is hope.
I wish I knew about this community at times of my dispair, when I was at my worst.
But I have been through it and I am recovering.
I am in the new phase, to relive and experience flash backs of the time when I was dissociated full time. It terrifies me to se how wrong everything was. Even what I was saying and doing was off big time.
But I know now, I need to be on my own when I feel like this and try to calm myself as much as I can. And if not possible, to just wait it out.
Usually works for me.
I hope you will get better.
I wish all the best in this.
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