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well i just took 12.5 mg of Paxil for the first time about 10 minutes ago. The doctor actually gave me two versions of Paxil, one the commercial version and the other the generic version. He said to try the commercial version first to see if it helps, if it does he told me to wein off of Klonopin. Ive heard some negative things about Paxil, just like Klonopin. I hope it helps.........

awaiting side effects............................
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yo i swear this Paxil is making me feel more depressed. I feel like shit right now, i mean i don't know for a fact that its the Paxil but i have my suspicions from what ive read and heard.
I really need some GOOD ADVICE right now
if you worry to much about what the paxil will do to you in the first 2/3 weeks, you will build up a lot of stress wich probably makes you more depressed.
I had almost exact the same side effects as you have, but after 3/4 weeks they where all gone, and the weeks after that it just got better till it stabalized after a week or 8.
So give it some time
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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