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I've said on previous posts that I believe laughter is the best medicine for me. Even though I like to read all sorts of serious topics about Dp/Dr on this board, I think it's good to also have something funny on the go.

I was just reading the latest posts on the 'What's Your Job?' thread. It made me laugh when I read what Sleeping beauty and Pure Narcotic had written. I thought it'd be fun if we all wrote about the fictitious jobs we have done/are doing/want to do. The sillier, the better, I reckon.

I'll start it off...

For many years, I used to work in a place called 'Blackheads-R-US'. It wasn't just blackheads we squeezed, mind, we did lots of other special cosmetic treatments, such as anal hair waxing; cleaning festering toenails; ear and nostril hair trimming; removal of bum warts; and female moustache plucking.

Presently, I design biscuits and pasta shapes, although I'm working my notice for this job. You see, I've been offered a much better job. They've promised to pay me ?300 a week, and all I have to do is sweep up just one road. Brilliant money, eh? Yeah...they told me it's called the M4, wherever that is...

One day soon, I'm going to make my millions from selling a medicine I've just created. It will help all the bumble bees who suffer from hay fever.

Are you now thinking, "Sunshine Spirit's really lost the plot"? If so, it's because I've been awake for nearly three days now, because I've been speeding (naturally). I've found I usually have a bizarre sense of humour when my mind's like this. Janine... HELP???! :?
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