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Parents feel like strangers

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People who I know are my family, and that Ive loved so much in the past, that Ive longed to feel their embrace, now feel like strangers. I look at their face and I just see a face, not my father, or my mother or sister, just a face. Even my own face feels like someone else.

Im scared and feel alone.
Has anyone else felt like I have?
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Yes i still experience it as well, but just like Chip said, i’m used to it now so i dont freak out over it. It’s just that i can’t get rid of feeling that loneliness.. it’s so extreme man. I cannot connect with a single person or object in this world, it makes me sooo sad. I used to feel some sort of safety when i was laying in my own bed watching tv shows, but thats gone now as well.. it’s like im always on the run for something, i cannot catch a single break, anywhere.
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