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Parents feel like strangers

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People who I know are my family, and that Ive loved so much in the past, that Ive longed to feel their embrace, now feel like strangers. I look at their face and I just see a face, not my father, or my mother or sister, just a face. Even my own face feels like someone else.

Im scared and feel alone.
Has anyone else felt like I have?
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I thought we shared some special connection DerealizedDutchie ):

But yeah, can relate aswell Spadde.. I got used to it by now and it doesn't bother me that much anymore.. It's scary/strange at first but you will get past this!

At some point we WILL connect back with the people we love and care about, I firmly believe that. We had it at some point, so we will regain it aswell, just gotta stay strong.

Remember that you actually ARE safe and that there is nothing really "wrong" with you. I sometimes tend to forget this myself and I have to reassure myself that I'm safe.

You're gonna be oke!
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