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i have had this dp/dr for 11 months (stress induced), but during some of the first 5-6 months i would be able to feel passion and exictment for things i used to do, sports team i follow.. but it went away after 5-6 mmonths and i feelt hollow, it might have to do with depression, but i doubt, around 5-6 months ago i was feeling m first depression spells but the came a few weeks after i one weekend for example lost my passion for a football team, might be some subconcious anxiety holding me back and getting me thus hollowness, just a theory, can anti-anxiety drugs maybe take i way this block (that is i think i have) in my head everytime i force myselft to do something i used to love

currently taking citalopram and has for 8 days (started on 20mg yesterday evening), will it help? will i maybe get my feels back after lets say 5 weeks, how will it be with dp/dr? though i must i rather have the feelings and passion for stuff i know i love and still have dp/dr than the other way around

This is very common with DPD, loosing emotions, feeling hollow, blank and lifeless.

You can get back in touch with feelings and emotions, though it takes time and a conscious effort. You've probably had this detachment for a long time but didn't realise. DPD's insidious like that.

Something that helps me a lot, is to stop throughout the day and take a 'snapshot' of how I feel and what emotions I'm experiencing. In other words making a conscious effort to recognise what's really going on. I do it lot throughout the day. Once I start to recognise my feelings and emotions I began to understand where they where coming from and I can act on changing my situation to make myself feel better and more connected.

Just about all drugs seem to dull our ability to connect with our feelings. That goes for nearly ALL drugs, legal or illegal, natural or synthesised. Most drugs make people dissociate even more. Pot and alcohol are 2 very good examples of this.
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