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Painful physical symptoms?

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Does anyone else have painful physical symptoms that accompany their dp?

Other than my nose being clogged up 24/7 I have some other very bothersome symptoms in my body that aggravate my dp tenfold. If I lay down or sit for long periods of time, my neck and back will literally feel like they are on fire, and once i stand up I am struck with intense pain down my spine that radiates out to my ribs. This causes my dpd to flare up. Another bothersome symptom is neck stiffness. Sometimes my neck becomes so stiff I can't even turn my head side to side without intense discomfort. The scariest symptom I have though is an electric shock feeling in my head. It happens at random. I could be doing anything, watching tv, walking outside, talking to someone, and out of nowhere I get an intense painful almost instantaneous electric shock feeling in the left side of my head and it almost knocks me off my feet. It's very frightening, and I usually go into full blown panic after it happens.

It's just so hard to believe all that can be caused by dpd. I'm beginning to thibk I may be suffering with late stage Lyme, or maybe something else. 3 months before I got dpd from weed, I was on a camping trip and had been bitten by over 15 ticks or more.

Anyway, does anyone else have symptoms similar to this?
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I did. The electrical shocks were epileptic discharges from my left (dominant since I am right handed) temporal lobe. It took me 4 decades to figure it out, since I wouldn't lose consciousness during my focal temporal lobe seizures. Without the loss of consciousness, the medical community was also at a loss to diagnose my illness.

While researching British Neurological Texts on the internet, I found a case history that matched mine to the smallest detail. I saw a neuro specializing in epilepsy and my EEG told the story. I had significant pathology in my temporal lobe which was consistent with having a history of epileptic seizures.

Interestingly, my seizures began during my 1st cannabis intoxication, which further confused my efforts to understand what the hell happened to me. I developed a head tremor, ocular migraines, and my post ictal psychosis segued into the affective disorder of recurrent major depression. I was, as the text noted,

"the worst case scenario." If I were you, I would get an EEG to establish a baseline for your neurological health. It's painless and relatively inexpensive.
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