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Pain of DR/DP

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This was a previous post I commented under someone who was suffering much because of DP/DR. It got me thinking, how much suffering is our condition causing us and how much pain are we causing ourself?

Reality is still the same. If you go anywhere in your house you will find stuff where you last left it, whether it be the book you just placed down on your bed a few minutes ago to the furniture in your house you place there when you first moved in a few months or years ago. Reality is still the same, your perception has changed. If you want to "suffer" by it then you probably most likey will, but you can choose not to "suffer" by it. A man one day broke his legs and could not walk on his own strength so they gave him a wheelchair. He was sadden by the fact he could not play his favorite game of basketball like he had before, jumping and running up and down the court with ease. So he sat in his wheelchair very sad. His friends would call, but he would refuse to play since he thought it too difficult to go anywhere in his condition. He became very depressed and sad having missed many events just sitting around waiting to heal. Eventually he did heal, but the depression and sadness persisted and so did that mentality of suffering. On the other hand, one day the man sitting in his room alone thought to himself, " to hell with it, i'm going out to play whether they're ready or not!" So he joined his friends later that day for a game of basketball. He thought it strange to play in a chair. He couldn't go at his normal speed, and instead had to go at the pace at which the chair would let him. But that did not stop him from reaching out and stealing the basketball or blocking an opposing player. He made some hoops and over time he forgot about being in a chair and had much fun. Later than night he went home feeling happy and refresh ready to tackle the next day. Eventually he did heal and the entire experience did not phase him thereafter one bit.

Did his reality of basketball change at all? No, the court and his friends were all the same. But was his perception of the game different? Yes, it was different but he chose to rise above it and have fun. You have to ask yourself, how much suffering his this condition causing me and how much suffering am I causing myself? Both men were "suffering" from being confined to a chair, but one only suffered half as much because he chose not to suffer himself to his condition. As with DP/DR you are confined by it to some extent, there is a certain degree of pain caused by it, but by no means is your reality different because of it. The experience yes. You can't control when you will recover. The only thing that can control is how you wish to deal with your problem, your perception of the situation. Give yourself peace of mind and you will recover.

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Mar 17 2011 10:21 AM

What's the best way to deal with it you think?
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