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It feels like I have no time to do anything. Life is just work and sleep. But there is time between work and sleep, not much, but still there is time. But I can't seem to do anything except come on this site, sleep, or eat.

This weekend I attempted to spend my time on something worthwhile. I brought all these books to my boyfriend's house. Stuff on how to manage your time, how to get the career you want, how to buy farmland(its a goal of mine), and how to make candles/soaps etc. Something I've always wanted to do. I want to start my own business and live on a farm. Maybe it sounds crazy but whatever.

Anyways, I just couldn't concentrate. I couldn't read any of the books. The only books I can finish these days are about serial killers and people with other mental illnesses. I ended up balancing my checkbook and then getting drunk.

How will I ever accomplish any goals?
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I have a long list of things I'm interested in (not just in my head, actually on paper) and I want to learn more about... but I never actually get around to doing anything... Balancing a checkbook is a lot of work though, it's definitely the sort of thing I would put off forever. I can only read select authors too and lately, only things I've read before. :?
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