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overcomming despair

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ive read some frighteningly desperate posts in the last few days,having spent about a week away from the strikes me that these episodes of despair must have patterns and triggers.if we can id the triggers,we must then avoid them.if we plot the orbits and cycles,we can anticipate an eclypse,so we are better prepaired for a bad spell.

heres the main triggers as far as i can see.
1.booze.despite what anyone else tells you or you may tell yourself,booze is a massive,massive depressant.avoid at all costs if you are feeling low,or if it has become a way of life to you.
2.poor diet exercise
4.being alone
6.strange philosophies and obsessive belief systems
7.unemployment(self esteem,income,2much time to obsess)
8.negative people
9.menstoral cycles/hormonal imballances
10.unforgiveness,unexpressed emotion,especially anger

the orbits hit me every 3 weeks or so.i awake and feel this dread,angst.if i remind myself that it will pass in an hour or two,it lessens and eventually lifts.i forget about it.
if we can avoid despair or anticipate it,we can avoid panic and uncontrollable not talking about avoiding all stress and emotion.thats a whole different issue.
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The cycles hit me on a daily basis for very short periods of time. Sometimes my emotions can be so erratic one second im wallowing in despair and the next I'm relatively happy. This is what happens when a person has no balance or grounding in life. The slightest negative or positive thought can change emotions to a great extent. I'm constantly framing things in a different way as my thoughts, fears, and hopes, change.
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