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Feeling depressed is the real trigger of the fear of the future. An individual may feel empty when their children start standing on their own legs is exposed to this fear. Unemployment, sudden wash out, dear friend's or family member's death, will also trigger the depression feeling and eventually lead to fear of the future. In the case of women, those who are experiencing menopause are more inclined to this fear. Other causes are the hormonal irregularity; surgeries undergone; certain therapeutic conditions such as thyroid, heart related sicknesses and so on, and occurrence of traumatic occasion in one's adolescence can trigger this fear.

The major symptoms of the fear of the future phobia include feeling completely segregated from reality and the happenings; heart palpitations and wooziness, swooning, breathlessness, too much sweating, feeling out of control; feeling helpless, not recognizing what to do; feeling like fleeing, crying, shaking and trembling; having thoughts about death; and restriction in communicating.

To overcome such fear of the future one should understand his/her own potential and should believe in their ability, fix achievable goals and lay perfect path to achieving the goals. To understand your own potential, one must thoroughly understand himself/herself and their thought process. The way one predicts a situation decides the success and eliminates the fear factor to a great extent.
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