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high quick post to clarify.......without going over all the symptoms as there are loads of posts on that.....Basically we all know we aint feeling right.....

we are still talking and acting the same like everyone around us....altho it doesn't feel like us communicating.....

with me it feels like i'm just my eyes and i'm living in my head (if that makes sense) i no longer am living in my body.....

so when i look at others around me, i no longer feel the same as them as they are still living in there bodies..... for example today at work someone at work was complaining about there leg hurting....something simple but that got me thinking...about they feel in there bodies yet i dont feel in mine..blah blah blah......

The frustrating thing is i know its my body and me talking and thinking and feeling things just it doesn't feel like i'm doing it....but i know its me...

iknow i used to feel things like everyone else, i felt part of life like them ....and now i aint......i'm going round in circles....

i keep thinking why doesn't anyone else question and think the way i do?

i find myself asking who designed the human body and why this and why that...things that everyone else just accepts and doesn't even consider to ask.....i dont want to know the answers to my questions just want to go back to being like everyone else.... times i feel as though life is like watching a film when you know the suprise or the twist.....and everyone around me doesn't... its like when you see a suprise present which was meant for you but now you've seen it the suprise is spoilt, and you wish you hadn't?? its like i have spoilt life by thinking too much about it!! if only i could wind the clock back, i know the exact moment in time i would have to change.....the moment in my head when i started thinking about how when i move i dont think i just do it.....thats when i started self observing and the alein feeling desended..

Well that didn't make much sense......despite all that i still feeling positive, in a sense this board has helped coz i thought i was the only 1, however i wish it had the times i think, if only i could trade this in for a physical injury and feel normal mentaly!! but i know when i'm feeling 100% i should be greatful for how lucky i am to be physicaly and and in terms of life well off.....just this DP masks all that by questioning life...etc... i dont care about the questions and answers my mind is asking to be honest i would quite happily like to live life being not bothered and 1 of the crowd again!!!

Cant remeber the point of this post now.....but it feels good typing it down :D
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