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Out of Body

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Hi everyone,

Among my other symptoms, while in half dream/half awake state, about 2 times a month since 1998 I will hear a high pitch noise and then catapult out of my body, flying through space for as long or as little as I like. My husband thinks it is a seizure, but I don't have seizures. I can whisper to him "here I go" and he holds me. I am aware of my body, him holding me and where I "am". I can stop it from happening before it does and sometimes do by not going when I hear the high pitch sound, but the pull is incredible and I just go because it feels like I should.
Sometimes I get anxious about it, but mostly I am just AMAZED.

i know it sounds crazy, but it all does actually :)

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Wow. Other people get that too...

This was basically my whole problem, I'm not emotionally numb or unable to concentrate I just feel constantly like my mind is injecting itself with random chemicals. I don't believe in astral projection or even souls, so to feel myself shoot up out of my body, sometimes just above my head sometimes right into space is about the scariest thing that's ever happened to me. So then I was on edge constantly, concentrating really hard on staying in my body. I just posted about this in another thread, but what has made a huge difference to me was surrendering to it completely and just shutting my eyes and riding the high out. It was very weird, I felt completely lost in infinity, but realised (after about an hour) that any reality I construct is inside my mind, that the sense of space I felt was not infinite in every direction but spherical (kind of analogous with it being in my head?) and that I couldn't lose my mind inside my mind...

OK, I realise that none of that makes any sense in those words if you aren't me. But those various revelations still seem to have cured me to a large extent. I'm not scared of anywhere that my mind can go, and so can ignore the dr/p and that makes it almost disappear etc etc.

I'm curious to know how similar our experiences of this are. When you say planets and solar systems and gaseous clouds do you actually see anything? If you have your eyes open do you still in some way see the real normal world? I just feel a vastness that's infused with a beauty that makes me think of stars although I don't actually visually see anything but blackness and little flashes. Oh, and I only ever get it when awake, normally when very awake.
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