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Out of Body

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Hi everyone,

Among my other symptoms, while in half dream/half awake state, about 2 times a month since 1998 I will hear a high pitch noise and then catapult out of my body, flying through space for as long or as little as I like. My husband thinks it is a seizure, but I don't have seizures. I can whisper to him "here I go" and he holds me. I am aware of my body, him holding me and where I "am". I can stop it from happening before it does and sometimes do by not going when I hear the high pitch sound, but the pull is incredible and I just go because it feels like I should.
Sometimes I get anxious about it, but mostly I am just AMAZED.

i know it sounds crazy, but it all does actually :)

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sleep paralysis and astral projection are totally different things. astral projection usually happens when awake. it used to happen to me daily when i was little its the way your mind shuts off randomly. i remember just walking down the hall and it happening.. or when im about to open a door as soon as i touch the knob ZOOM!!!! im wizzing past planets and solar systems and through gaseous clouds. it doesnt happen to me anymore which is good cause its a little too fun. you fly so freely that you dont want to go back in your body. and when you do you end up feeling disgusting.. heavy.. stuck.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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