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Hey all. Recently ive been trying to make sense of everything and trying to understand everything thats happening and been happening lately with me mentally with the dp/dr. But its hard to make sense of any of this and ive been very very anxious because im worried i could have another out of body experiance. Ive only had one true out of body experiance where i started to lift above my body and even tho it was marijuana induced, the fact that i even had one means i am capable of that and my dp and dr makes this seem more believable to me and im worried that if i have one, i will leave my body and never return and/or die. Im just so scared plus i read a couple articals on it that sleep paralysis can cause one and i have had sleep paralysis on many occassions, even when not experiancing dp/dr... i feel lost recently and literally everything, just life itself feels absolutely foreign to me. I try to remind myself this is all just mental but this is effecting my mind, body and soul alike. Has anyone had multiple/many OBE's and have any advice? Thank you.
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