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Ok, now i kinda want to type a big long post, but im not gonna do so.........well not yet anyways, but in everyone's opinion here, do you think Opposite Sex Relationships help with DP/DR, anxiety, depression & all of the other wonderful things? And im not talkin just one night stand type of stuff, i mean relationships, as you can tell from this post im not currently in one, hence why i made this post.

Theres this one girl ive had i guess a crush on 3 years of high school & even now, i think about her on occasion & wish that i wouldn't have been such a ummm ( trying to think of non offensive word here) ahh fuck it, i wish that i hadn't been such a bitch, we got friendly & everything & for some reason i kinda felt like she liked me, but was never sure. Now im hopeing for some miracle where i will see her again or get to talk to her again & try to " kick some game" or somethin, hey even if im turned down, at least i tried, but im doubting that i will get that chance. I know im only 19 & shouldn't be worrying about serious relationships & i have opportunities to you know, just mess around & will probably have more in college & may resort to that, if i can't find a girlfriend material girl. I dunno, enough babbling for now.

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dont stress it...

there will be more than enough girls to get distracted by when you start school...too many actually...

no matter what school you go to.
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