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Onset of we go again :-(

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Ok, after 2 years of struggling, after this last period of my life in which I've fought to beat my worst fear (madness), I've reached the conclusion that I'm not crazy...BUT...I've developed another similar obsession, which is "Okay, you're obviously not crazy, but what about your thoughts? And your mood? Maybe you're in the prodromal phase of schizophrenia!"
So I went on the net searching for prodromal signs of schizophrenia and, of course, I identified myself with many of these...this, plus the irrational thoughts about paranoia and delusions (mostly philosophical thinking about the nature of the world,like "world not real" and "Truman show" theories), has put on me an incredible fear of developing sz.
As if it wasn't enough, I've ever find an article on the net where it says that people in the prodromal phase of sz may still be able to argue that they're thoughts are not rational...damn!!
I'm sorry I'm often monothematic, my dp/dr + ocd manifest itself only with this stupid fear of going crazy...Janine, anyone, can you help me?

Thank you,
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You just described me down to the bone.

I've had dp and anxiety for 4 years. I always thought I had it bad. UNTIL.........Last month I started feeling really weird and different. Started havin delusions possibly. Felt sleepy all day long. Went and researched schizophrenia for the millionth time and there it was. The Prodrone or whatever it is. I freaked out.... and because of it I've entered chronic DP. I thought I had bad DP all these years but that was NOTHING compared to what I feel now...

So I too think about schizophrenia all the time. And its made me DP'd beyond belief. Im becoming agoraphobic. I don't hear my own voice anymore. I'm not real.

Went to the psych. Told him about the delusional stuff, he said I wasnt schizo but prescribed me anti psychs.......... I never took them. Too scared.
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