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Only dp now can i overcome this too?

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Hey, I have a question. I smoked weed and had a panic attack. The next day I thought everything is over and have a month lived normal.

but I have always told my friends that I am still different. But then googled another feeling after smoking weed and got directly panic because i founded derealization . Then went to the psychiatrist and she said when I told her that a few days ago friends smoked in front of me but I do not smoked that comes from the passive and leave in 3-6 weeks again. Well then the dr was gone but something was still different, I answered automatically. Then the time passed and I remembered the dr again and she came back. but then went away but the DP is still there. Does that mean that I will have it forever or can it disappear? Sorry for my bad English i am from Germany and i Used Google translater
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It will definitely go away. It really takes time but it takes time while trying to move past all this. You have to stop obsessing about it. Stop reading about it stop trying to find the cure because the cure is to stop the obsession. After a while you forget about it and you have distance from it. Eventually it is just gone and you are back to normal. It’s harmless but distressing. Pretend you are better and move on with life. It won’t happen over night but it will happen.
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