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Only dp now can i overcome this too?

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Hey, I have a question. I smoked weed and had a panic attack. The next day I thought everything is over and have a month lived normal.

but I have always told my friends that I am still different. But then googled another feeling after smoking weed and got directly panic because i founded derealization . Then went to the psychiatrist and she said when I told her that a few days ago friends smoked in front of me but I do not smoked that comes from the passive and leave in 3-6 weeks again. Well then the dr was gone but something was still different, I answered automatically. Then the time passed and I remembered the dr again and she came back. but then went away but the DP is still there. Does that mean that I will have it forever or can it disappear? Sorry for my bad English i am from Germany and i Used Google translater
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