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Hi everyone.

I will leave further discussion for later, and will skip the brief introductions also.

Right now, I want to tell you something.

Some days ago, after another session of Yoga, a real hard one, that pushed me and break me and one after which I felt really well as usual... I just understood it... it just flashed me!

You do know the "fight or flight" response right? Well... we're already scared (anxiety) so, the other end of the spectrum is...

Rage... violence... competition... animal instincts... running... breaking... pushing... kicking...

Dominated vs. DOMINATION.

I then remembered a site I've noticed some months ago but never quite gone the extra mile on it... now I did...

Redirecting Self-Therapy (RST)

The name is not important, the bottom line does; IT WORKS.

It is working right now for me, and I hope will do so for all of you.

I've just realized how significant this is if its confirmed it works... not only on dp... but on a generalized mental level!

This is no focused therapy of any sort, we're talking about a fundamental law of the human mind!

Got to go now... I just really, really wanted to share this!

God bless you all!

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Pound on a bed with your fists and yell. Use a bataka bat or tennis racket to spare your fists.

Avoid using knives or dangerous weapons that might set up patterns in your mind or cause you to injure yourself.

Roll up a towel, beat the bed, and scream. Muffle your voice if you have neighbors.

Take a pair of jeans, hold it by the ankles, and whack the hell out of your bed.

Yell, scream, shriek into a pillow in the closet if necessary, or yell in the shower.

Put on heavy gloves and pound on the wall, or hit a punching bag.

Throw things at the wall, not random things, safe things like pillows.

Kick a ball around the room. Kick the air.

Slam doors, cupboard doors, or drawers.

Rip cloth or paper to shreds.

Put work gloves on to avoid paper cuts and tear up a phone book. Yell while you tear.

Take pages out of a magazine, tear them in half, and throw them around the room.

Do a dance of anger.

Scrub the floor.

If you can't sleep or wake up with a scary dream, pound your fists on the bed until you relax.

Stomp your feet when you walk.

Kick a rock down the street.

Run, ride a bike, or do other hard physical exercise.

Weed the garden, the lawn, and anything else in sight.

Bang on a tree, pick up a branch, break it, and throw it on the ground.

Watch a slapstick comedy that makes you laugh.

When you are in public try to find a private place like a restroom stall and pound on the wall. You may need to redirect anger to past abusers quietly in your mind. If you are in an office, throw a crumpled ball hard into a wastebasket. Break a pencil in two. Jab a ballpoint pen through a piece of paper. Tighten your fists.

Mentally talk to past abusers. Say to those parental voices still in your head, "shut up," or, "get out of my head," or "I hate you." If you are comfortable with strong language, use it.

Write letters or compose e-mail messages to parents and other past abusers--then tear up the letters or delete the e-mail.

Play pinball, or if you can find it, there is game at some arcades where these little guys pop up and you are supposed to whomp' em with a mallet as fast as you can.

Go bowling and visualize the pins as past abusers. Find games like this on the Internet--there is one called the Elfbowl game.

Go to a baseball practice range and think of past abusers when you hit the ball.

Go to a cemetery and pound on a grave.

If you are at an airport, stand outside where the planes are revving their engines and getting ready to take off. Yell. No one will hear you--you won't even be able to hear yourself.
Go to a cemetery and pound on a grave. :D :D :D :D :D :D
I am SO going to do a dance of anger.
There may be something in this...

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so the reason behind bad anxiety and depression could be because of suppressed anger built up? it sounds about right. i can't really remember the last time being angry because i'm usually a nice guy, so i hold it in. i'll definently have to give this a shot

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Has it been a month already? Man, how time flies...I was just the other day mumbling to myself about how i was just aching for another BOLD FACE presumptiously arrogant "CURE" thread. I feel strangely satisfied now.


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Since I was the one who cried CURE (actually I was thinking on the site's name when writing the header) its time to be more elaborate on my own experience with this.

I did myself a nervous breakdown about 2.5 years ago, basically it was weird scary thoughts beyond description due to anxiety on the top of the scale.

For every month since then I've been better. And that is the path to the real cure. To do so, I've done what all of you do and are doing: research, objective focused thinking and also did some crazy things to overcome this.

I still have lots of psychosomatic pain all over my body (that is how it all started about 5 years before I went down) and DP was some gradual thing that I don't even remember when it started.

That said, when you are down you are down, its not easy to just go and say "I am the master of my mind." but you do it anyway. You just do it, you consider this like an axiom, even on the darkest times, you will be back to it. You grab a large piece of paper, write it down and put it up on your room if thats what you need. I did that. Why not?

Ok, back to gocure and the proposal of rage as a tool, a way to help you on your path. This is not a cure "of your life", of course not, you have to do that everyday and bit by bit, but it is cure of your mental clarity, a relief. If you take the time to do it you will feel it.

As I told on my first post what prompted me to associate that particular site reference was exactly the one regarding rage, violence and so on as a force of (instead of taking the words literal) as an opposition to the other extreme of fear and isolation. Domination vs. dominated.

We can see that in every human action there is a energetic determination force, a force of motion. We can see that can be the "Rage Force" in many aspects if not all of it.

Look next time your friend makes some criticism towards something, then look at the way you do it. Do you really express what you intend? Do you feel the anger? I certainly passed a lot of my life without it. In fact I remembered when I choosed something on the lines of : "Oh, no, anger is bad, I don't want to hurt people".

That is what I'm changing and learning to change. Change is my best friend. Harsh, difficult, painful but my best friend anyway.

If I was a bit over dramatic on the first post, then I'm sorry about it, because I just felt terrific after one of those outbursts of rage or whatever.

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