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So, I have a few to past loves. The first one I was feeling quite melancholy. By the second one, I thought he needed his butt kicked.

This would be passive, I believe.

i wish i had never
opened Pandora's box
but i wanted you to know
i thought of you.
thought of the ways, long ago,
when i thought
i had hurt you.
who's hurting now...
it's a song i think.
i could never tell you
how things really were,
years ago or even now.
what i did was count on you
to make the bad things,
the ones you never knew,
go away.
then, you went
i drove you
the racing thoughts
in my head.
they came so quickly
that night.
the little pills
helping them to race on.
and i drove you away.
it would have been better
if i'd never opened
Pandora's box.
better to have always
then to know


And this would be aggressive. :evil:

you a$$hole,
there i said it.
f_ _ k you,
you a$$hole.
who the hell died
and made you king?
never had a state of
mental unrest?
as i recall
you once said
you did it best.
never learned how to forgive?
"no, let the sick ones live.
live with thoughts
of what they did
in their sad and
weakenend state.
i was once like that...
but now
How pleasant for you
You son of a bitch.
So there is where the
humor lies,
not in my sickness
or your green eyes.
So kiss my a$$
you son of a bitch
Or go to hell,
you can
damn pick

:evil: :evil: :evil:

Please feel free to use if the need arises. :D

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Dalailama...Oh, I quite like that one.

Nothing better than lost love or unrequited love for getting one to wax poetic, huh?

By the way, she sounded like a silly twit of a girl. You didn't marry her, did you ?!?! :lol: ( I know you didn't. Just thought it was funny.)

As always, Dalai, it was great making an exchange with you.

Most sincerely,

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And same always with you, my little hedgehog. :oops:

By the way, I'm busy putting Fuck You You Ass Hole, to music. I love it. I know there are some band members here and we can all make a bundle! :evil: 8) :)

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Great! I love it when aggressive turns positive. :p

If Gimpy were around he might would help.

If you can, will you post it?

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