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On the phone do you get this can’t handle it ?

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Does anyone get when there on the phone that it’s the most uncomfortable weirdest thing ever , I feel insane or brain damaged or got dementia it’s like when somone rings me on the phone I can’t understand a word they say like it doesn’t process at all like there speaking another language, but I answer every word they say on the phone , but everytime I answer them it feels like the words are coming from somone else like I have no choice what I want to say and I’m just listing to somone else phone call , but I’m just not involved one bit ! It’s terrifying because it’s like phone calls and English don’t make sense anymore , and somone else replying like I know it’s me cause it’s coming out my mouth , but I have no choice or opinion what. I want to say , and can’t visualise whatever they talk about , and because of no inner voice I think that’s were alll this is coming from , very terrified I’m nuts or brain damaged , how can I not understand English on the phone when I’ve spoke it my whole life ! And to have no connection or sort of choice is just fucking terryfying !! Does anyone else get this or get over this it feels impossible like I’ve lost the part of my brain to understand and process English and say what I want to say on the phone … getting way to much now , had a vitamin b12 and vitamin d injection yesterday no improvement with depersonalisation , still waiting on neurologist

:( :( :( just want to be the person I was is that to much to fucking ask !
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yep exactly the same.. real life convos same as ones on phone.. i answer with dumb sht i wouldnt normally say or i have nothing to say and im silent n blank.. anything anyone says is just wiped out like i got 2 second memory we probably got dementia
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