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I cut and pasted these posting guidlines from an excellent forum on buddhism -- E-Sangha. I like the sentiment a lot. Maybe I/we can learn something :)

Guidelines and Rules:

1) Treat all posters with respect. Some alias may be noble sangha and very modest

2) Each one in this international forum could have different background and opinion. Dhamma is general but unique for each person's understanding and progress. If you disagree, simply accept difference and ask for information you may not know.

3) Avoid blaming others. Seeing someone's fault is easier than one own fault.

4) Try to find your own fault and purify your mind.

5) Always check your karma and its fruit from participating in this forum.

6) No using multiple identities.

7) E-Sangha reserves the right to publish, republish, delete or modify all discussions without asking for permission to do so.

8 ) Anyone who want to explore relations between Buddhism and other religions, please do that in a " Other Religions & Philosophy" only.

9)Do not use offensive or vulgar language.

10)Do not engage in personal attacks or sect bashing.
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