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Sometimes ill think back, to when I was happy but, when im feeling really depressed or have anxiety at the time it will seem like i was never happy then, but then when im feeling ok it will seem like it was all ok back then too...It like changes my perception on how I was before completly..Is that normal?
And it makes me think, I never really had a great time in life, but you always reember the old times to be good times. In theory arnt we living the old times right now and when we look back will it be the same?

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Yeah, I've done that many a time. In fact I have and still do spend time looking back at how "good" the old times were, only to find myself later looking back at the times I was looking back and thinking that theywere good times too, or even looking back at the times I was looking back at how I was looking back and thinking those were good times as well. You get the idea.

The feelings you're describing are what someone on here called "emotional amnesia": you can know that one time you've felt good or bad, but you can't project that knowledge into any kind of visceral sense in the present.

It works both ways. When you feel bad you feel like you've always fely bad and always will; conversely, when you're feeling good you can't remember what you were worrying about.

The long and short of it is that it is quite "normal" (whatever that means), and it's best to leave it aside as one of the absurdities of life and strive on. I see no other way to approach the matter.
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