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this really did make me think,it was basically a story which involved a young woman that was once a nice person very beautiful until something really bad happened to her (missed this part) and she started to have ugly nasty thoughts and over the years her exterior got uglier and uglier...and the moral of the story was if you have ugly thoughts you will end up emotionally ugly...

lets face it how many of you have ever sat down and chatted to someone who is depressed you can just feel the depression and the result is that you yourself get even more depressed,what about if you sit in a pub and a drunken aggressive person sits down with feel fear each day that we wake up and feel depressed,anxious,without hope are we indeed getting uglier/nastier/more cynical as human beings,and do you always make that extra effort to be funny and witty so as not to bring anyone down.....i sometimes get way too serious and i have to snap right out of my serious mode as i can see people slowing wanting to retreat
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