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ok now im freaked out.

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i just noticed that if i stare at my face in the mirror, after about 10 seconds, my face looks just like an acid trip. it will look VERY transformed. my mouth gets covered up by some color for two seconds then goes away, then i noticed an eye or two will flash colors, and some other stuff. could it be because of sitting in front of the computer all day for long periods of time? should i go see a doctor?

i'm seriously worried now!
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lemme put it this way.. im sure the human organic body wasnt built to sit in front of a computer all day.. or tv or video games. our bodies are made for survival.. thats why we have muscle so that we can keep moving. fat and hair intended for warmth and protection. eyes so that we can hunt and see our enemy. sounds very primative but its 100% not. its what we really should be doing with ourselves. outside away from electricity, going to sleep when the sun goes down... waking up with the rest of gods creatures. instead weve isolated and ostrisized ourselves from all that is NATURAL. forgetting that we ourselves ARE NATURAL. we are not made of plastic and wires. but for some reason we THINK that its ok to behave and live our lives like we are. its completely bogus thinking. just look at the state of western civilization. we embrace our technological breakthroughs, we live eat breathe everything that is industry. we glorify it and mock anyone who dares to question it. because its 'PROGRESS'.

but progress comes with a heavy price. LITERALLY. obesity is an epidemic. cancer(dirty word dirty word cover ears i cant hear youuuu!!!) YES CANCER!! diabetes, heart disease, not to mention the array of colors in the rainbow that is disorders of the mind. weve made so many breakthroughs that we have broken-through our own mortality.

in short.. its the computer bub. :)
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