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ok now im freaked out.

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i just noticed that if i stare at my face in the mirror, after about 10 seconds, my face looks just like an acid trip. it will look VERY transformed. my mouth gets covered up by some color for two seconds then goes away, then i noticed an eye or two will flash colors, and some other stuff. could it be because of sitting in front of the computer all day for long periods of time? should i go see a doctor?

i'm seriously worried now!
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Do not -

Stare at your face in the mirror.

Watch water running out of the faucet into the sink.

Stare at your hands for any length of time.

Think that you can walk around in the grocery store and things will "look right".

Follow the floaters in your eyes.

Look at a bright blue sky.

These are but a few of the thing you just don't do. If you feel you must be prepared to increase your anxiety. Why it makes it worse doesn't matter. Just realize it does and then move past it.

This is solid advice IMO.

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