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OK about anti-psychotics

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The truth about anti-psychotics....

I fyou are like me, nervous, oversensitive, hypocontriact, who does a lot of DR and dissociation, and is depressed, and DP'ed, does antipsychotics help in other way than sleep? :shock:

Did antipsychotics eased the symptoms of dp and dr to the point that some feel better and theirselves and they are more able to work and concentrate and enjoy life?

Does antipsychotics esae the fear of going mad?

Please somebody tell me what is going on with antipsychotics.


I just want to know if it can help anxiety, dp, dr, like better than benzos.

P.s. I don't have hallucinations, and not really delusions, I just feel horribly not me and feel in another planet and you know me!

C xxx
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I am somewhat like you. I will admit that antipsychotics may eliminate some obsessions and compulsions and the fear of going mad. But, on the other hand, they make you not care about anything. I honestly felt like I had a lobotomy after taking them. Didn't experience any emotion at all. They made my DR a lot worse too.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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