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Soooooo...every now and then I come full circle. And I realized what caused me to start writing and sharing my experiences wasn't at all altruistic. I'm sorry friends if I led you astray. It's was far pettier than that. It was for one purpose & one purpose only. To sully the good name of none other than the Pope of Depersonalization -the Bringer of the Holy Grail-the Charles Manson of the movement-

The one
The only
The douchie:

Harris Harrington.

wait, one sec...

(Dear DP Website Forum Administrators:

Hi. Thank you for your lovely website. You have gathered people here to help them help themselves and you do so free of charge thank you. You're freaking awesome. So I apologize in advance for the subject matter of the post herein. But Harris Harrington is telling people that he can cure us of Depersonalization in a mere 10 hours with his "Total Integration" series. AND he'll share the information not because he understands that he's dealing with emotionally traumatized people desperately looking for answers-not because he feels compassion, not because he's been there himself and should know how this feels. No, no. he wants to profit from our pain. This makes him a predator! As such, he is now my sworn albeit dissociated enemy. And I have made it my mission to discredit the charlatan for who he is. So I make no apologies for my choice of words. The same way he doesn't apologize for being a douche. And though I will say I don't actually mean to or endorse physically harming Mr. Harrington, "IF" someone (totally not me) would punch him in the face, I would be perfectly ok with paying for 10 hours of THAT video. So I would appreciate your 13 more approved posts before this post can be made visible so I can spread'eth the word. Thank you.




So I may be split. I maybe dissociated. I may have feelings of unreality and MAY hate that chick in the mirror but you wanna know who I hate more? His ass.

How do I hate thee, let me count the ways. He financially preys on desperation. He's no different than Ms. Cleo in the 80's and ya wanna know where that landed her? Sued and jail time BUCKO. Depersonalization is one of the hardest things in the world to understand and manage. Trained professionals often don't know about it. People have studied years to figure this shit out. And HE is smarter than all of us huh? He's going to be beacon of light to deliver us to ourselves. It's not the information he provides isn't accurate because as much as I hate to say it, that lil bastard's on point but that doesn't make him any less of COLOSSAL A-HOLE.

Which is what frightens me most, he's preying on a group of people who may or may not be ready to face to hard shit about themselves. And when they don't have the emotional or professional support to ground them he's putting them at risk not just for disappointment but for further traumatization. So I hope he takes his two-bit depersonalization "sham wow" snake oil and shove it up dissociated rectum.

I got better things to do with 10 hours and I wouldn't mind using that to figure out how many ways I can put my foot in his ass. And you know what Harris? I will delivery that service to you free of charge. Consider it a public service you little ego-maniacal, narcissistic, greedy opportunist! lol

Remember back in previous posts (when I wasn't a raving lunatic lol)..I said shame is not ours?

Yeaaaaa, that's not what this is. His shame is the real ain't got mama & daddy to blame for this kid - that's all you Harris baby!

You suck Harris, ya just do.

(shakes angry first)
(gives Harris the finger)
(thinks about it some more)
(gives Harris a double middle finger)
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