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oh why?

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Can anyone explain why these thoughts about aging, dying, death etc. keep constantly running in my mind? Is there a way to control them? It?s so depressing to hear or see something involving the end of existence and there seems to be not much else in the news these days. How am I ever going to deal with the inevitable? I can?t forget I?m doomed to death since I never feel alive?these thoughts are with me no matter what I do, saying ?oh there?s no point in that, soon it will be forgotten?. Will these thoughts disappear with dp? I'd imagine if a healthy person is haunted by morbid thoughts and has for example a near death experience, the thoughts might start to seem what they are, pointless. That movie title ?Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind? sounds so appealing?thanks for any advice.
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Maria, a 'classic' symptom of Anxiety, Depression, DR/DP or in fact any neurotic condition is - Obsessive Rumination, which is what you are going through. I had it, almost every on this board has had it at one time or another and it's natural that the content of your obsessive thoughts are to do with the, let's say, more fundamental questions about life. That's the bitch with DR/DP, it forces you into deep introspection, contemplation, which at the time of suffering is the last thing you need.

From my own experience, the obsessions do fade as the DR/DP does. I know it sounds obvious, but there is really no point continuing with the furious obsessing..none at all. There are no answers (most would believe) to the questions that you are asking, and besides, in my opinion it's not the nature of the obsessions that is the problem, it is the fact that you are obsessing in the first place - which is a symptom of your illness. You must recognise it as such. It is nothing more, nothing less. Remember that, it's very important. And in which case, try and treat it as such...I know it's hard, but try not to indulge it, because all you are doing is feeding the obsession. If you really want to contemplate these kinds of questions, then leave them to one side until you get better.

I'm know it's fiendishly difficult, but you must try.
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