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Oh, the irony!

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Ever notice how we all plowed through the internet thinking we had some disease- Hypoglycemia, Toxic Shock (yes I tried that one) (shut up), a brain tumor? And we try to make all the symptoms fit into that? As if we could come up with a tangible match?

But we're never sure if we have those diseases.

Yet when almost any of us got on this board, and saw the words depersonalization and derealization, we KNEW. we KNEW we had that.

Interesting huh?
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you are so right person 3......i honestly thought i had a brain tumor.....everyone was telling me that i didnt....that i was fine....all it is is anxiety.....then you look into anxiety and stumble across descriptions of dp and everything appears to fall into place.....i wish knowing what it is made it easier....but it really makes everyday hellish to one degree or another
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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