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Oh, the irony!

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Ever notice how we all plowed through the internet thinking we had some disease- Hypoglycemia, Toxic Shock (yes I tried that one) (shut up), a brain tumor? And we try to make all the symptoms fit into that? As if we could come up with a tangible match?

But we're never sure if we have those diseases.

Yet when almost any of us got on this board, and saw the words depersonalization and derealization, we KNEW. we KNEW we had that.

Interesting huh?
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I feel the same way Zigg... not in the sense that I've destroyed any one part of my brain, but in that I've certainly done some sort of permanent damage to it.

I think DP/DR is just what goes on when your brain stops working right, whether it be from depression, anxiety, etc.
Again, I don't think I have any 'holes' in my brain (as you put it person3) :) I just can't seem to brainwash myself into thinking I haven't done something nasty to myself.

Your entire life you are fed the "don't do drugs" lines. The actual mechanism of getting high/drunk/stoned is through a poison to your body. A POISON to your brain. But now, to feel better/normal, I'm supposed to do a complete 180 and believe I haven't been poisoning/damaging myself? Are drugs and booze a poison and extremely bad for you up until the point you become mentally ill, at which time they can be passed off as relatively harmless?

DP or no DP, the brain is not supposed to be in a perma-high state.

Someone kick me first, tell me why I am wrong second (please) :)
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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