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Oh for F*@$ sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok, some of you may recall a recent post of mine regarding a planned trip to a country in continental Europe.
Well I had booked a flight to Linz, Austria, for today. I was planning to travel up to Prague the next day, then bacl to linz the day after that.
Well guess what, I only realised this morning that I'd left my passport up at my universit residence. It was too late to travel up there and get it, so now I can not go, and I've wasted my money. I feel so pissed off, I really can't even be bothered to be original or poetic about it.
My friends, of course, still went, and I was planning on going out there to catch up witht hem tomorrow them tomorrow. But I've just checked the flihts, and they're all too expensive.
I'm on my Easter holidays at the moment, and I've been slaving it at some sh*t labouring job, getting up at 5am, earning minmum wage, just so I could get away from the sheer boredom of daily life here, for a few measely days. Yet I'm too f*cking rational to blame God, or fate, or feel that life is treating me unfairly, which I believ are all healthy reactions. So it just ends up seeming absurd.
I know it's not that big a deal compared to many other things, but I really need to vent my frustration somehow.
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Yeah it does totally suck. I feel like such an idiot. If I'd at least prepared last night, I'd have realised where mys passport was, and would have been able to leave earlier tot get it. But for some stupid reason I assumed I had it at home.
I know it's a bit pathetic, but I feel kinda' sad. This year has been really sh*t, and one I just want to forget. Things have been looking a bit better lately though. Last night I was feeling pretty good actually. All I wanted was a few days I could remember fondly from this year. Now those days will never exist. Sorry I know how soppy and self pittying that sounds. Yeah I am feeeling sorry for myself.
Oh God, what the hell am I gonna' do with the rest of my weekend? I've got to read 'Notes from Underground' (it's about a man who has no friends and moans all the time about how crap his life is) and write an essay on it, that'll cheer me up.
Then it's back to work on monday. I've spent the last week scraping vinyl off the floor, and I'm only half done. Wow I really can't wait.
Aaaaaaaaarggh!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
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