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First things first, to the other admins, this post was approved by Jeff. I asked in advance of this post and he gave me permission. He's been in the chat and see's how it is fundamentally different than past Tinychat's.

Moving on:

This website has a long history with a chat platform called Tinychat. It enables users of this community to interact on a more social level by using audio and webcam features. In short, you can see and talk to people vocally.

It should be noted that and the various Tinychat's have NEVER been affiliated with one another, the chats have just been places members enjoyed speaking to one another outside of the forum.

In the past (in all seriousness, pretty much the whole time) the Tinychat's were subjected to perpetual trolling, arguing, name calling, abuse of users, abuse of the YouTube function, etc. I tried multiple times to set up an organized Tinychat but people refused to work with me so I said fuck it and let the chaos continue.

After months and months on top of years of trolling one day I just said "fuck this," registered the unregistered Tinychat everyone was using and redirected it to the new and current chat.

In the new chat there is no trolling, no abuse, no bullshit. There are admins who keep things in check and if people act stupid, they're gone, it's pretty simple.

So, I wanted to let the community to know if you wanted to talk DP, needed a place to chill with some people who can relate to your affliction, you're all welcome to become a part of the DPSH tinychat crew.

I know how beneficial it can be when you're around people who understand you, so you don't feel alone, etc.

The chat gets empty at times. If you join and nobody is there, just wait, people always come and then you'll have some new friends to talk to.

Let me know if you have any questions, etc.

Again, the URL is:

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