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Off Topic: Favourite Cartoon Comedy.

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What's your favourite Cartoon Comedy?
The Simpsons1242.86%
Family Guy1139.29%
South Park27.14%
King Of The Hill27.14%
Spongebob Squarepants13.57%
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Rocky and Bulwinkle, finally one I know! :lol:

So what channel is this Cartoon Planet on?
Yes, I do remember Wassamatta U. :lol: They would wear those sweatshirts with the W on it. And Boris and Natasha. And what was that line about "and now a message from a flounder" and a bottle would drop down with a hook on it or something? Foggy memory. I am now going to see if it's on somewhere sometime in cartoonland. It must be.

What was that line you used, Servo, about us being brain dead or something like that? Well, that is why we can't do the VCR except for on, off, pause, rewind and fast forward. Kind of reminds me of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division...keep all higher forms of math away from me. :shock: I am encouraged that we're in good company with agentcooper's lack of ths skill also. :D
Oops, I was typing while you posted about how you can halfway tape. If you can't set the timer that only puts you at one level above us.

No, I can't believe you are a programmer. You must be VCR phobic. Is there therapy for that 'cause I have it too? lol
Even got out the manual ??? :shock: Well Tom, that is very brave for a man to say and therefore I believe you shall be healed of anything that ails you! :lol:

Exactly!! Fan mail from some flounder. :lol:

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1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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