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Odd physical experience

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Twice today (and infrequently in the past) I would be sitting or lying down and then as I was about to get up I would have the feeling of blood rushing to my head, getting tunnel vision, and would then have a rapid heart beat possibly with palpitations. As long as I stood up I felt as if I might pass out, and im not sure if the rapid heart beat was related to the experience or simply the result of my anxiety.

The whole experience only lasts about 30 seconds to a minute and of course my DP goes through the roof for that short amount of time. I've heard of similar experiences but this seemed more than a bit distressing. Has anyone else experienced this? What causes it?
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Yes I do this constantly... but I have low blood pressure and that is why. It might be the same for you. Make sure you are drinking enough water and getting exercise. Dehydration and sitting around to much will cause your blood pressure to drop, but if it continues you might want to see your dr. because there can be other causes for low blood pressure.

See if this relates to your symptoms:
Individuals with low blood pressure may sometimes develop non- specific symptoms of tiredness, sleep disturbances, giddiness, black-outs, fainting, anxiety/depression, or sweating, and may become more conscious of their heartbeats. there are a few people with a blood pressure at these levels who have an underlying cause for their low blood pressure. In nearly all of these cases, blood pressure is much lower when you stand up, particularly if you stand up suddenly. This fall in blood pressure on standing is likely to cause symptoms of fainting and/or dizziness. there is pooling of blood in your veins, less blood returns to your heart and less is pumped out which means a reduction in the amount of blood going to your brain. This causes symptoms of dizziness and some people may faint. This is exactly what happens to guards on parade when they faint because they have been standing in one position for too long. You can mimic this effect when you squat down for a while, for instance when looking at books on a low shelf, and then stand up suddenly.Therefore, if you have a low blood pressure and you also have symptoms of dizziness or faintness when standing up suddenly you should have your blood pressure checked, both when you are lying down and when you then stand up. This drop in blood pressure when you stand up is called postural hypotension.

This may not be it... but it sounded like a lot of what I go through.
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Scattered said:
Is it possible to have low pressure just from sitting around and not being active? Sort of temporary drops from inactivity that can then lead to the symptoms I described?
Yes that is often what causes it to drop... just being inactive. It may be normal most of the time...but when you sit around a lot it drops and causes the exact experience you described when you stand up.
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