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OCD and little finger nails.

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Has anyone else seen someone who doesn't cut the nail of their little finger. I'ver met quite a few people who leave the nail of their little finger to grow, never cutting it. It looks weird. Yet when I ask them about it they get very evasive.
Is this some common obsessive compulsion?

I'm being deadly serious with this post.
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Ummm, back in the olden days, some cokeheads left the little fingernail long so as to have easy access to a quick toot.

Seems I recall seeing something about that on PBS or something. :roll:


toot...old drug lingo. perhaps you know "snort" better. :? I don't think it's huff, as that seems applicable to inhaling paint. yes, toot is/was the appropriate word.

you, you, you slobbering, flotsam spewing, narcisssisissist. :p

may you see obnoxiously long fingernails everyday. POOF! Oh yeah, i don't really have those powers. i keep forgetting.

yours...truly. :wink:

p.s. i am now just experiencing low back pain, thank you very much.
Truly? One must wonder, is that really Martin?

MrMole...I would like to say I very much appreciate your computer abilities. Very cool that you could draw the red line in. 8)

Ewww...I wish I knew what that meant.

After much editing I have decided to ask Martin, am I indeed takin' a piss?


(Shrugs shoulders and wishes there were a British slang dictionary)
:shock: MrMole, I am so sorry. Maybe you are not aware, but I am not at all literate when it comes to computer skills. It took people on here forever to teach me to post a picture. :oops: Certainly sorry if you thought any different. I was being very honest about admiring your computer skills. Totally sorry it came across different when you read it.

Martin..."over the age of two...". Now that, I believe, is what y'all are talking about.

I'm not having such a good time now. :(
Am chilled as directed. Glad to know I have not offended anyone...well, except maybe Martin, who is picking on me an awfully lot and he knows I can dish it out but can't take it. :(

Anyway, I still stand on the reason for the long fingernail which is what this was originally about.

Am off to play hostess with the mostest. Catch y'all next week to see what kind of mischief you are up to.

Play pretty. :D
bump, hit, toot

the older you get, the older cokeheads you know. there will always be those that keep in search of the eternal buzz.
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