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OCD and little finger nails.

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Has anyone else seen someone who doesn't cut the nail of their little finger. I'ver met quite a few people who leave the nail of their little finger to grow, never cutting it. It looks weird. Yet when I ask them about it they get very evasive.
Is this some common obsessive compulsion?

I'm being deadly serious with this post.
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I would do a google on this topic, but I fear my dad would get very worried when he saw 'uncut little finger nail and obsessive compulsive disorder' in the past search list. Does anyone know how to turn this function off?
That was very helpful thankyou mrmole.
Aaaaah but I don't have the google tool bar. Where to from here?
Today I was in a shop buying a memory card for my digital camera, I noticed that the guy serving me had an uncut little finger nail. I almost burst out laughing.
Now I am sure this is a real mental illness, and will be writing to the DSMV-IV guys to warn them. This is a secret pandemic, and some of us, myself for example, have the foresight to notice it. One day the long little finger nailed among us will rise up and exploit their now enhanced fighting skills, thanks to their talon like little fingers, to rule the rest of us.
Wake up guys or you'll become one of 'THEM'!
These guys I've seen can't be cokeheads. The guy in the shop yesterday was asian and almost sixty years old.
This really is a mystery to me.
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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