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OCD and little finger nails.

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Has anyone else seen someone who doesn't cut the nail of their little finger. I'ver met quite a few people who leave the nail of their little finger to grow, never cutting it. It looks weird. Yet when I ask them about it they get very evasive.
Is this some common obsessive compulsion?

I'm being deadly serious with this post.
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I'm being deadly serious with this post.
:lol: If that's true, this has got to be the most splendid example of OCD.

I have noticed the aforementioned nail issue as well. I don't know what that dim-wit Terri* is going on about when she talks about 'toots', bless her sciatica ridden ass, but I expect it has something to do with being able to lift a dainty finger + nail when sipping a glass of something expensive.

I don't like nails, especially men who have long nails, or women with long painted false ones. When I become Emperor of the Universe, they will be banned, along with noisy eaters, feet, and dried fruit (and Olives.)
I don't think it's huff, as that seems applicable to inhaling paint
What the blazes are you talking about woman ! :shock: Inhaling paint ? Whatever next. Anyway, a 'huff' is a term used, normally, when an individual gets stroppy and stomps off in a 'huff'. Ergo - "Wooo...get her. She's getting all 'huffy' about it." Etc.

p.s. i am now just experiencing low back pain, thank you very much.
This is my fault ? Yes, I expect so, as is famine, war, locust, volanic eruptions, earthquakes and world poverty. Incidently, my knee has swollen up to the size of a blimp, for some unknown reason. Probably some bizarre delayed drinking-related injury. :?
Stupid pills ? Why you little........... :twisted:

No, I don't think you were 'taking the piss' Terri*. I just think that Mr Mole assumed that everyone over the age of 2 would be able to draw a straight red line, thus - he thought you were 'taking the piss', or ridiculing Milan said.
This is a secret pandemic, and some of us, myself for example, have the foresight to notice it. One day the long little finger nailed among us will rise up and exploit their now enhanced fighting skills, thanks to their talon like little fingers, to rule the rest of us.
Wake up guys or you'll become one of 'THEM'!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
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