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Obsessive fearful thoughts

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I have Obsessive thoughts thats i may lose control and freak out. That i may hurt people. Its more of a freak out that i have become so crazy that i would some day do something like this.

I now think my DP/DR and panic and anxiety are moving in to schizophrenia.. I'm freaking out that i may forget whats right and then I'm off to the races..

I would never and have never hurt anything more than a bug in my life. I don't even like to think about where my food comes from. I have had rage but never meaningless violence.

I hate to see people even in pain...


In the past i have had insane thoughts i may loose touch and hurt people or my self. Like i say its more of a fear of losing control and acting out, more than the fear that i actually will do it.

Have any of you had feelings like this?
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Once i calm down an try not think obsessively i instantly start to feel more normal.
No, i never think i will do anything, i have a fear that i will lose control and do these things.

I don't know how to explain it...
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