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Obsessive fearful thoughts

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I have Obsessive thoughts thats i may lose control and freak out. That i may hurt people. Its more of a freak out that i have become so crazy that i would some day do something like this.

I now think my DP/DR and panic and anxiety are moving in to schizophrenia.. I'm freaking out that i may forget whats right and then I'm off to the races..

I would never and have never hurt anything more than a bug in my life. I don't even like to think about where my food comes from. I have had rage but never meaningless violence.

I hate to see people even in pain...


In the past i have had insane thoughts i may loose touch and hurt people or my self. Like i say its more of a fear of losing control and acting out, more than the fear that i actually will do it.

Have any of you had feelings like this?
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I haven't, but if you really believe there's an actual possibility of your doing something bad to yourself or others, I would go to an emergency room immediately.

In other words, if you think you are going to succumb to these urges or fears or whatever you want to call them, take yourself to a place in which you can be protected and kept from doing anything you will later regret.

It's really your call; if you think you might really do something, get to a hospital post haste.
Ahh, we posted nearly simultaneously! Glad to hear that.... :D
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