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O Thou That Tellest Glad Tidings To Zion!

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Well as of midnight last night I have emerged through the wickedly thin dp mirror back into fully connected reality and not slept a wink all night, which is marrrvellllousss.

Just to say thank you to everyone for getting me through this last bout - and responding to my frequent moans and groans in this latest hideous journey across the icey wastes - it was getting to suicidal proportions by Friday and yesterday was one Huge Hell of a Void, but now all that matters, just for right now, is it has gone - and I have to try one more time to keep away from its temptations....never easy....thanks to all of you wonderfully brave husky dog souls!

Peace and Love and Strength and Fear and Anger and Sorrow.....and Energy.....and The Connectedness of All Things

Sarah xxx
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