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a fake smile everyday
lies are the only thing i say
a pretend life to everyone
only acting like i have fun
nothing in my life is real
no emotions, i cannot feel
i push it all down trying to hide
what i never want anyone ever to find
looking for someone different to be
but i'll never be able to find the real me

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May 24 2013 10:36 PM

your like me on this, your trying so hard to jump out of this empty box expecting things to change but land back were u came, ive done that so many times and just became more disappointed with myself looking like a fool, i thought, cause my biggest fault was i knew who i was and still remember pieces of what things should feel like but when i try.. well its not confortable, some say fake it to make it but for me it not confortable path to take. try hoping that tommorow well be fresh evan thow its not hold high that u were never always like this and your just waiting to find the key to yourself, im mean from my view that are brains are like a highway we get used to traveling down one we take many times before but when the road changes dought and fear to reach the end is expected, good luck, i hope u find this helpfull peace.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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