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why they say dont come on this site ever again, ive been in dp for a year and a month now, fuck it gives me chills saying that,

i work every day, i stay positive thru the bull crap, im very lucky to have a girlfriend and she fights with me

family understands

i am very lucky

and unluck to have this crap

but arent we all

my dp is up and down, shit seems like i eliminate problems every day and new one comes, ive read symptoms always change, and it sucks, cus my symptoms r legit hell

not mentally, like getting alien attacks, but as in my words dont mean anything, how can u live and not be able to connect with people, even with people u truly care about, like my girlfriend

it hurts, but im fighting every day

this is were the title comes in

i hate going on here, reading people having this crap for 4 years and still living in hell every day

i pray to god my term is almost up, my goal was 8 months, when this first started, now its 2 years

i have faith, cus i tracked this one profile, and this girl, was legit having hell and wanted to end urself, i checked her profile and 3 months later after that post she had a recovery post, i was like god bless, how did she go from the worst, to recovered with in 3 months

thinking about that i wish i remember what she said to recover

but like i said, i pray we all get through this bull crap

i hate negative comments, and seeing people whove had this crap for years, i dont want to be like that.. i hope im on the road to getting over this crap

even tho my symptoms still suck

i work every day, it forces me to socialize, and im taking advantage of life and doing the little things

if those techniques dont work, i plan on dieting

they say eating healthy can some how really benefit this bull crap

i might even start doing that next week or something

anyways i just wish we all had this positive attitude

i mean come on, we all dont want to be like this forever, i think im lucky right now and saying this crap right now

cus i finally got to the point of acceptance

i accept this crap and just live with it every day, sometimes i go in the back of my head and be like dang this sucks, or why is this happening, but then i just move on, so i think im in acceptance


we all dont want to deal with this crap, but it starts with attitude, and a game plan

what r we gonna do to get over this

lock r selfs up and just pray itll be over?

im sure we've all done that at one point, even me

but i got a job and life has been better

anyways i like this website, but i hate the negatively

ima try to chill out on this website for a couple months

i pray to come back to yall, and we will all be better

good luck all, be positive, get out, get a job, go running, we gotta keep on going

i pray for all of yall

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M1k3y ya gotta understand that people are not being negative, they are being real...

For some on here DP has totally incapacitated them...They cannot pluck up the energy or will or desire to even leave their bed let alone go to work or exercise etc....I mean some of us on here cant even eat at times...When DP grips you like this there is no fighting your way out of it...

The fact you have taken a job and are getting on with stuff is fantastic and it will absolutely keep improving for you...You are doing terrific and all the right things...But ya gotta remember that you are doing these things because you can actually draw up the strength in the first place...

That is just not possible for some others on here....

We all suffer at different levels....

Please dont let realisitic comments (from myself and others) that seem totally negative to you drive you away from the site....I apologize if I said something to upsetyou...That wasnt my intention....

Remember everybody is different on here...We all suffer at different levels and we all recover and improve in different ways...

I actually think that we all get so frustrated with this condition at times that we just vent in our own ways...Its probably not fair on others but where else can any of us go...This site is the only place in the world where DP sufferers can actually get their point across....God knows all the shrinks and doctors and therapists havent helped us....They just look at us and think " Not this idiot again"

Im sorry if I upset you man! Apologies!
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