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nothing is real

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nothing at all. everything looks fake. why can't just like my family seem real to me or my dog. something.
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no no acid colours. for me everything is 2d like a picture totally lifeless. objects people. it seems like i can't see clear at all. colours have no meaning or brightness to it. its just bland. everything is bland and blah. there is no meaning to everything. no my memories don't feel real. its like everything that has happended to me in the past hasn't really happended to me. i don't remember what i did like yesterday or a few days ago. i mite remember some things but it just didn't seem like i was doing it. its all just one big constant fog dream like expierience that i do not know how to get out of. if the dr can lift and things can have more meaning things would be a little better.
WhereamI said:
I can complete relate to what you are saying (I think). It is like you are looking at a family member and know who they are but don't feel that same connection that you once had and everything just feels so freaking off. Am I coming close to what you are talking about?
yea thats pretty close.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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