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nothing is real

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nothing at all. everything looks fake. why can't just like my family seem real to me or my dog. something.
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is it a visual thing like if you're on something? i mean is it acid colours and faces to some extent?(ignore that question if you haven't taken drugs) if your eyes are closed is it ok? can you explain it to me? i'm just trying to see if i can relate; if i can i can tell you what i've done so far to see if it might help
i seem to experience the other side of the spectrum to you. i get too much stimulii, like i'm sitting in space and totally aware of eternity and nothing, and i am nothing. just terrified

my experience of where you are is probably nothing to what you're experiencing. anyway, i went through about a year, about 20 years ago, when i took acid every second day. the days in between i woke up into a grey lifeless existence something like you're describing. i eventually got anti depressants from a psychiatrist. i can't remember the name of them but they weren't ssris or prozac or anything modern. anyway they made me feel a bit stoned in a content way (pupils were enlarged on them) and i was ok for a few years after that.

sorry i can't be of any more help
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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