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I feel again just so trapped and bad. Like badly depressed and clueless. I dont know what im still doing here. I just every day go to sleep and wake up.. I eat.. I go to out.. But i dont have social contacts at all.. Because all i have is my family and they make all of this worse.
All of these days feels so empty and im sure nothing can fullfill it because inside im so broken and empty. Not outside thing will help...
Im suicidal.. And so angry and frustrated. Im just thinking that maybe i just continue this kind of living.. I feel so faraway and disconnected that i dont wanna be with humans. It makes me feel more naked. But when i dont do anything than these same things over and over again. Im so tired and i feel i dont even wanna do more. I just wanna rest. But i feel so anxious that im not doing anything. I dont even understand how bad it can get. How i can be this confused. Afraid and out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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